Grieving Children and Teens: Creative Art Interventions for Individual, Group Work and Families

Common issues for grieving children will be explored, including factors affecting the grief response, how grief is expressed and understood at various developmental stages, needs of grieving children, and how the grief experience can vary across different religious and cultural backgrounds. A variety of creative & expressive art techniques appropriate for children ages 6-17 will be presented for social workers to utilize throughout the stages of bereavement. The techniques presented in this workshop can be utilized and adapted in clinical work with individual children/teenagers, groups, and families. Interventions include ideas and activities for psychoeducation, honoring & remembering loved ones, expressing feelings, coping, and building confidence. Participants will have the opportunity to explore many of the activities experientially. [Elective for Child/Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.