Preparing Children for Placements and Transitions

Formerly titled: Preparing Children for Adoption. Whatever our role, all professionals interacting with foster and adoptive children have an opportunity to contribute to a child’s understanding of why they must transition to a new placement. While society may minimize the trauma, loss and grief being separated from attachment figures brings, it is our responsibility to acknowledge the complexity and ambiguous loss that comes with transitions for children who have already experienced so much loss and change. In this interactive webinar, clinicians will learn ways to help children and families prepare for and process endings and beginnings. Clinicians will learn techniques for talking with children about their difficult and traumatic histories in a developmentally appropriate way to help them process the multiple losses they have experienced. Clinicians will also learn techniques to prepare children and families for transitions and necessary good byes; this may include leaving a foster home or group home, a final visit with a birth family, placement with a kinship caregiver, reunification with a birth parent, an adoption disruption or moving to an adoptive home. Experiential activities will be integrated into the workshop to expand the clinician’s toolkit in working with families as they prepare children for necessary transitions and goodbyes. [Elective for Adoption Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.