Cutting, Self-Mutilation, and Suicide

Despite the seemingly growing rate of self-injurious behavior across all cultures, particularly among adolescent and college populations, therapists and other helping professionals often fail to ask direct questions to their young clients about the origin of unusual injuries. Others are often left feeling frustrated by those who repeatedly injure themselves and resort to responses such as "they're just doing it for attention" or misinterpret the behavior to mean that the individual is suicidal. It is not enough to focus on symptom reduction such as putting ice cubes on arms instead of cutting. As professionals we must focus on deeper, more long lasting change. This webinar explains the underlying dynamics such as affect regulation, control/punishment, alexithymia, and self-capacities/invalidation. Participants will learn what each of these are and be able to explain them. Participants will also participate in learning concrete relaxation and breathing skills that can be utilized for their own affect regulation when dealing with such emotionally charged issues. [Elective for Child & Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.