The Impact of White Dominant Culture on Social Work Practice-WEB

All of us have been deeply socialized by dominant cultural norms and values. These inherited ways of being are further reflected and codified into the systems and institutions within which we all work. These systems are rarely named as white European or examined for the outcomes they produce. As social workers, we also matriculate through courses of study and commit to codes of conduct that reflect and replicate white culture in various ways. Recognizing and unpacking these values and norms is essential to choosing which beliefs will guide us forward in whatever form or setting of social work we practice, freeing us to engage in more emancipatory and healing processes. Through presentation and small & large group discussion, participants will:
  • Be introduced to definitions and major characteristics of white culture
  • Learn about the foundation, history, and current employment of white culture in the field of social work
  • Reflect on how white culture and its organizational characteristics manifest in their own setting and practice
  • Recognize the harm that can be perpetuated when the provision of social work services run contrary to our Code of Ethics and mandate of cultural competence
  • Begin to envision their practice and settings functioning in a more effective and humanistic way

This webinar will be facilitated by Bonnie Cushing, LCSW and Viva White, LCSW, LCADC, CCS, MAC, ACS

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.