Trauma Informed Adoption Practice

This interactive webinar is designed to provide a therapeutic framework for those professionals working with adoptive and resource parents who are raising a child who they are planning to or have adopted. Through case study, small group discussion, lecture and multimedia, participants will learn how to define child traumatic stress and how trauma experiences affect children at different developmental stages. Participants will gain a greater understanding of how to identify the importance of trauma informed systems and the essential elements of trauma informed care and explain steps to becoming trauma informed as an adoption worker or supervisor. Additionally clinical techniques that include defining ways to maximize a child’s sense of safety, strategies and approaches to assist children in reducing overwhelming emotions, and approaches to assist parents to stay centered and calm when children are not will be covered. Last this webinar will describe trauma informed assessment and the importance of collaboration of services and identify how self-care for child welfare professionals is just as critical to the healing for children.

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.