Supporting Adults, Teens, and Children Coping with Loss

Adults, teens and children experience many different types of loss: death, divorce, abandonment, foster care, illness, incarceration and deportation leaving them at higher risk for mental and physical illness, substance abuse and aggressive behavior. Learning how to support people after a loss enables them to live emotionally healthy, meaningful and productive lives. This workshop provides an understanding of the impact of loss on children and youth and adults. Attendees will learn the definitions and interrelatedness of loss, grief, mourning and resilience. The dominant culture encourages winning and success, but doesn’t focus on learning how to lose. This essential life skill can be learned as social workers and other professionals provide support to those who are grieving. This webinar will explore the connection between grief and shame as well as differing cultural "grief beliefs" after a loss. While this webinar will focus primarily on how to help people cope with a loss due to death, these concepts are transferable to all types of loss. [Elective for Child/Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.