Trauma Informed Person-Centered Care: Turning Compassion into Empowerment

Formerly titled: Trauma Informed Person Centered Care. As various systems, including mental health and criminal justice services, strive to support those we work with to achieve their goals, we are regularly faced with challenging behaviors from our clients that often appear to be self-defeating. Difficulty identifying life goals, knowing the steps to achieve those goals, and managing anxiety and self-doubt as they move forward, is a particular challenge for trauma survivors who have often adjusted to lifestyles and coping skills that are, at times dangerous, and only enable them to survive and not thrive. Important concepts such as “learned helplessness” and “fight or flight” can assist helping professionals understand the origins of how our clients move through their lives, often unaware of how to break free from dysfunctional coping strategies. Using a person centered approach, along with motivational interviewing strategies, this webinar aims to help workers understand trauma informed care in action, and turn that understanding into strategies of empowerment. [Elective for Case Management Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.