How to Avoid Getting Voted off the Island: Understanding and Managing Relationship Triangles

Remember your junior high cafeteria? If you generally artfully navigated through the dozens of relationship challenges, then skip this workshop. However, if those years still conjure up a bewilderingly painful struggle of relationship suffering, then this workshop is for you! Triangles, a Bowen family systems theory concept and Rosetta Stone for understanding those years as well as more recent distressing relationships, are the smallest stable relationship units or building blocks of larger emotional systems. If calm, a two-person unit may be stable, however since it tolerates little tension and calm, it is very difficult to maintain. It is automatic that when dyadic anxiety rises, one or both participants recruit a third into the situation - resulting in a triangle that can contain much more tension than the dyad because the tension can now shift between three relationships.

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.