Parents as Healers: Recovering from the Trauma of Domestic Violence-

This webinar will introduce an overall approach, Parents as Healers, which among other things gives the caregiver the knowledge and encouragement they need to be a dynamic partner with the therapist in the healing of their child’s trauma. Participants will learn how to create opportunities for parents and children to process traumatic experiences together using a variety of techniques including directive play therapy, verbal expression, creative arts, and more. Through experiential processing parents become more sensitized and responsive to their child. Participants will also be introduced to the importance of parent empowerment through effective discipline. Often after domestic violence, children can be irritable and oppositional. Some “step into” the role of the absent abuser and other times, the caregiver who had been victimized may not have developed the assertiveness skills needed to effectively manage his/her children. Guidelines for providing effective parent training for domestic violence survivors will be provided. [Elective for Child/Adolescent Mental Health Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.