Medical Aid in Dying: The Basics

In August of 2019, the NJ Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act (MAID) took effect. MAID allows an adult New Jersey resident, who has the capacity to make health care decisions and who has been determined to be terminally ill, to obtain medication to self-administer to end their life. This webinar will examine the details and ethical implications of the law for both patients and providers. We will explore the roles that social workers, care managers and others may play as patients seek to access medical aid in dying. These roles could include capacity evaluations, assistance in finding providers participating in MAID, counseling on end-of-life care alternatives, witnessing documents, and attending deaths. We will also review the data on assisted dying in Oregon, which may help to guide our own work. [Elective for Gerontology Certificate Program]

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.