Emotional Process in Society - How it Promotes Regressive and Progressive Periods and its Influence on Families

ID: 5469WEB

Societal Emotional Process, a Bowen concept, describes how both progressive and regressive periods in societies are strongly influenced by an emotional system operating on a societal level. During regressive periods societies and their leaders tend to take easy ways out for addressing challenging issues and it is not until the pain associated with these short-term strategies begins to exceed the pain associated with acting on long-term views that societies emerge into progressive periods. This webinar will explore the challenges for families as parents attempt to raise children in periods of societal regression compared to raising children in more progressive periods.

Fee: $110.00
Continuing Ed. Hours (CEH): 5.50 Clinical

Instructor: Charles M. White, LCSW, LCAD
Ellen Rogan, DNP, MSN, APN
Date: Monday, June 12, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm ET
Location: Zoom (Interactive Webinar)

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