The Power of Presence in Therapeutic Work: Techniques from Presence Psychotherapy Trauma Treatment Model

Many studies show that mindfulness and Presence awareness are helpful at decreasing anxiety and depression and increasing well-being. This workshop provides clinicians techniques to help clients sense Four Dimensions of Presence: Spacious presence, Grounded Presence, Relational Presence and Transcendent Presence in session. Participants will then be introduced to how the Presence Psychotherapy treatment model, recently published in the APA Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, utilizes Presence to access and process implicit traumatic memory. Through video of session excerpts of Presence Psychotherapy sessions and didactic presentation, participants will be introduced to how Four Dimensions of Presence can be utilized to regulate affect, facilitate trauma processing, heal attachment wounds, and lead to re-processing of negative trauma-induced beliefs. Information will be provided about how to integrate Presence Psychotherapy techniques into current work with clients.

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.