Let's Talk About-Intersectionality

This is a 2-day webinar and each day is 2 hours. Mental health providers are being asked to provide culturally competent care to an increasingly diverse clientele. This is also reflected in the ethics codes requiring cultural competence. Training programs in psychology have responded to this by providing information about different minoritized groups in 1-2 courses. However, specific training is needed for practitioners to integrate client identities into case conceptualization and treatment planning. Additionally, training is needed to understand how the therapist’s identities impact the therapeutic relationship and process. Participants must attend both days to receive a certificate of completion.

Day 1 of this training will focus on the ADDRESSING model (Hays, 1998), how to use the model, and how to understand the therapist’s identities.

Day 2 will focus on applying the ADDRESSING model to clients and their intersecting identities and incorporating it into case conceptualization and treatment planning. Each session will be 2 hours, at the intermediate level, and will utilize case examples to enhance learning.

This webinar does not have any offerings for this semester.